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Summary and Highlights Latest Financial Report

  • Revenues did not reach the forecast level, but increased year on year. Gross profit reached the forecast level and increased substantially, reflecting improvement in the gross profit margin. Operating income reached a record high of ¥4.62 billion. Monthly fee revenue for the Motivation Cloud series increased substantially by 30.1% year on year.
  • For the role survey score, the percentage of employees with an “A” rating or higher was more than 55% overall, and more than 70% for management. The Engagement Rating was AAA at 6 of the 8 Group companies and AA at 2, as we demonstrated our human resource capabilities and maintained a high level of engagement.
  • Our focus remains on the Consulting & Cloud business, which has high growth potential. We will promote introduction of the Motivation Cloud series at major companies. Monthly fee revenue at the end of 2024 is projected to be ¥530 million, up 24% year on year. In addition, orders received in the Consulting & Cloud business for 2024 have reached ¥7.0 billion as of the end of 2023.
  • We plan to pay a dividend of 2.9 yen per share on March 25. For 2024, we plan to pay an annual dividend of 11.6 yen per share. We continue to view shareholder returns as an important management issue, with a policy of paying dividends based on our business performance.