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Summary and Highlights Latest Financial Report

  • Revenues increased slightly and operating income increased year on year due to recovery in the Consulting & Cloud business and substantial growth in the Personnel Placement business, both of which have high profit margins. Operating income is progressing as expected toward the forecast, and results are projected to reach a new record high.
  • In the core Consulting & Cloud business, in addition to recovery as expected for our consulting services, monthly fee revenue for the Motivation Cloud series increased a substantial 28.8% year on year, reaching a record high for growth on a quarterly basis. To achieve further substantial growth, we will focus on expanding cross-selling and proactively invest in our businesses, including through M&As, and in human resources.
  • Considering that our future profitability is not fully reflected in our stock price, we have decided on a share buyback of up to ¥2.0 billion and 4 million shares.
  • We plan to pay a dividend of 2.8 yen per share on Monday, December 25 and to increase the dividend by 0.1 yen per share from the fourth quarter onward, for a forecast annual dividend of 11.3 yen. We continue to view shareholder returns as an important management issue, with a policy of paying dividends based on our business performance.