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  • Revenues, gross profit and net income increased year on year. Operating income declined year on year as a result of increased advertising and promotional expenses, but progressed in line with expectations.
  • In the Consulting & Cloud business, our core business, we promoted introduction of the Motivation Cloud series at major companies. Monthly fee revenue was up 25.2% year on year. The backlog of orders in the Consulting & Cloud business was ¥13.2 billion, up 16.1%.
  • We signed a basic agreement on a capital and business alliance with FCE Inc., which has unique strengths in enhancing human resource capabilities. By building on the assets owned by FCE, we will create synergy starting with sales expansion of diagnosis and transformation services in the Consulting & Cloud business.
  • We believe that the current stock price does not fully reflect our future profitability, and decided to conduct a share buyback up to a maximum of ¥1.0 billion/1.7 million shares.
  • On June 25, we plan to pay a dividend of ¥2.9 per share. From the second quarter, we are planning a ¥0.1 dividend increase for annual dividends of ¥11.9 per share.