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Perspective of Humans Perspective of Organizations

Motivation Engineering is our core technology – it is what makes us unique and gives us a competitive advantage. Created through the integration of academic findings from various fields, including business administration, social systems theory, behavioral economics and psychology, Motivation Engineering is notable for both its practicality and reproducibility.
Consisting of diagnostic technologies and transformation technologies backed by a unique perspective of humans and a unique perspective of organizations, Motivation Engineering is integral to all products and services of the Link and Motivation Group.

A Unique Perspective of Humans and a Unique Perspective of Organizations

Perspective of Humans

Humans are emotional beings with limits to their rationality

Motivation Engineering defines humans not as completely driven by economic rationality, but as emotional beings with limits to their rationality. Human behavior is rational in some, but, by no means, all situations. Human judgment and actions are not driven solely by economic benefit; emotional aspects play a major role. Given this perspective, it is important for companies to offer not only financial rewards but also emotional rewards in order to foster the work motivation of individuals.

Financial rewards and emotional rewards

Perspective of Organizations

An organization is a cooperative system that is not reducible to its constituent elements.

Motivation Engineering defines an organization as a cooperative system that is not reducible to its constituent elements. Basing one’s view on a theory of relationships rather than reductionism produces a different perspective: for example, that a certain team is not five people, but a group of 10 relationships. When looking at organizations, we bring out the view that the problem is not the people but the gaps between them. This is why the Link and Motivation Group is working to raise awareness of the importance of factors such as communication and fostering trust in resolving organizational problems.

Diagnostic Technologies and Transformation Technologies

Motivation Engineering is composed of diagnostic technologies and transformation technologies. Diagnostic technologies apply our frameworks to identify the problems of companies and organizations. Through original consulting techniques they enable clear diagnoses.
Transformation technologies offer techniques and methodologies for actually resolving the problems brought to light in the diagnosis. They have a high-level of practicality and reproducibility, and as such can be applied to transforming any company or organization.