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Basic Information Security Policy

The mission of LMG and its group companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Group”) is to provide organizations and individuals with opportunities to transform through Motivation Engineering and to create a more meaningful society. Fair and transparent management is the keystone of our operations. The Group recognizes that appropriate management of information assets is an important issue and takes appropriate and advanced countermeasures against security threats. To this end we have devised a Basic Information Security Policy that lives up to the trust customers and society place in us and are working to, ensure information security will continue to be the Group’s goal.

1. Construction of an information security management system

The Group has established the kind of information management system necessary to protect and properly manage all its information assets and takes company-wide information security measures.

2. Development of internal rules for information security

The Group develops internal rules based on the Basic Information Security Policy and the Personal Information Protection Policy, and internally disseminates clear policies and rules for the proper management of all information assets.

3. Implementation of information security measures

The Group implements appropriate organizational, physical, personnel, and technical measures to prevent accidents such as unauthorized access, leaks, and the falsification of information assets.

4. Implementation of information security training

The Group provides all employees with information security training that corresponds to their jobs and duties, and thoroughly familiarizes employees with the Basic Policy and related rules to promote information security awareness.

5. Response to information security incidents

The Group responds promptly and appropriately to information security incidents, and does its utmost to reduce the impact of such incidents. We take measures to prevent recurrence when an incident occurs.

6. Compliance with laws and regulations

The Group complies with laws and guidelines, requirements, regulations, rules and contractual obligations concerning information security. We respond to violations appropriately.

7. Internal audits

The Group conducts regular internal audits and spot checks to confirm that information assets are being properly managed. We examine the results and incorporate them into our efforts to continuously improve information security.

January 1, 2020
Ozasa Yoshihisa
Chairman and Representative Director
Link and Motivation Inc.