Business Domains

Business Domains

Organizational Development Division

Support for creating organizations that individuals choose (Motivation Companies)

Consulting & Cloud Business

One-stop support for improving employee engagement

We supply leading companies and startups with diagnostic and transformation solutions aimed at improving employee engagement. These solutions include consulting, training packages and cloud services.

Event & Media Business

One-stop support for corporate branding

We help leading companies and startups build their corporate brand with support for a range of media and events, including external branding targeting the capital market, and internal branding targeting employees.

Individual Development Division

Support for creating individuals that organizations chose (i-Companies)

Career School Business

A network of comprehensive career schools for working professionals that make it easy to maintain study habits

Through our one-stop support for computer skills, programming ability, acquisition of qualifications and language learning, we help working professionals advance their careers.

Cram School Business

A network of examination preparatory schools for elementary, junior high and high school elementary, junior and high school students. These schools support the cultivation of human resources that play an active role in society.

Based on Motivation Engineering, this business supports elementary, junior high and high school students in developing skills for improving academic performance and playing an active role in society.

Matching Division

Providing opportunities to link organizations and individuals

Global Personnel Placement & Temp Staff Business

Matching services that place excellent international human resources seeking to work in Japan at companies and educational institutions

From placement of assistant language teachers at elementary, junior high and high schools in Japan, to referrals of international professionals to firms, we provide matching opportunities between Japanese companies and international human resources.

Domestic Personnel Placement & Temp Staff Business

Matching services that help domestic human resources find satisfying work

We provide a range of matching opportunities, including referral of new university graduates and mid-career employees, placement of temp staff and an information platform for career change and job search.

Venture Incubation

Support for Startups on the Road to Stock Listing

In venture incubation, in addition to investment we apply our organizational HR consulting expertise, as well as the knowledge and experience we have accumulated to date, to startups on the road to stock listing.

Investments at a Glance

  • Richmedia
  • from scratch
  • Akatsuki
  • FiNC
  • neocareer GROUP
  • Schoo
  • RakSul
  • Renoveru
  • PLAN-B
  • LiB
  • First Brand
  • GlobalCast Co.,Ltd.
  • ASHITA-TEAM Co., Ltd.
  • Tasuki Consulting
  • YARUKI Switch Group
  • Phone Appli
  • FOND
  • Gojo&Company,Inc.
  • Vogaro
  • UniFa

Issues in Japan’s Labor Market

Changing Conditions for Organizations
Changing Conditions for Individuals