Message from Representatives

Message from the Chairman

We revitalize organizations and individuals in Japan with organizational development, individual development and matching services.

Our company was established in April 2000 as the world’s first motivation-focused management consulting firm. Motivation Engineering, our core technology, incorporates academic findings from business administration, social systems theory, behavioral economics, psychology and other fields. Practicality and reproducibility are our strong points, and we have supported many corporate transformations since the company was established. Our consulting services are “only-one” solutions in that they shed light on motivation, rather than strategy or capital, as the focus for supporting corporate clients. The message we have been promoting to companies is as follows.

Management that makes employee motivation a growth engine will win the day

We refer to companies that do this as “Motivation Companies.” We help them to build and strengthen their relationships with their stakeholders (employees, prospective employees, customers and shareholders) in the labor, product and capital markets. Currently, our Organizational Development Division operates a consulting and cloud service and a business that supports investor relations (IR), led by our core Group company, Link and Motivation.

On the tenth anniversary of our establishment, we expanded Motivation Engineering to the B-to-C market, and have since helped individuals to build rewarding lives and careers. In this area, our message is as follows.

Individuals from now on will be managers of their own “i-Company”

The relationship between companies and individuals is shifting from a mutually binding relationship to a mutually selective relationship. And with advances in IT, individuals are playing a leading role in creating value. These circumstances require that individuals develop their own careers independently and autonomously. Our Individual Development Division, through the operation of a Career School business and a Cram School business, provides a wide range of expertise and programs to support the creation of prosperous “i-Companies” for people of all ages, from children to seniors.

The Matching Division links “Motivation Companies” with “i-Companies.” Currently, this division operates a personnel placement business and an ALT placement business, and connects Japanese and international human resources with companies and educational institutions in Japan. By further developing the Organizational Development Division, the Individual Development Division and the Matching Division, we will continue to contribute to the vitality of society.

Message from the President

Become a “Motivation Company” that makes employee motivation a growth engine.

The relationship between companies and individuals in Japan was a mutually binding one from the postwar period of high economic growth through the bubble economy period that ended in the early 1990s. Many companies had established lifetime employment and a seniority-based wage system. Individual employees were loyal to their companies, secure in the knowledge that if they worked diligently, the company would take care of them until they reached retirement age. However, this mutually binding relationship between companies and individuals has ended, and is being replaced by a mutually selective relationship. Companies are abandoning lifetime employment and seniority-based pay, while individuals are again becoming aware of their own market value and thinking about their career development.
In this era, the driver of competitiveness is not just whether a company is able to win out in the product market, but also whether it can win out in the labor market. Improving engagement (level of mutual understanding, empathy and commitment) between company and employee is crucial to this.

At Link and Motivation, we have developed the Engagement Score as an indicator of a company’s level of employee engagement. In addition, we support organizational transformation based on diagnostic technologies that enable an organization to use the PDCA cycle for improving employee engagement. We have gone on to develop cloud-based tools that have enabled a growing number of organizations to transform. Furthermore, in terms of consulting, we offer solutions in the field of Motivation Management, where we support the design of systems for human resource development, personnel management and organizational culture, and in the field of Entry Management, where we support the recruiting process—the most important process in creating an organization comprised of engaged employees.

In Motivation Management, we provide solutions to realize high work motivation among employees and maximize organizational performance. Employees compare the company’s vision and values against their own vision and values, and if they find some shared understanding, work motivation is created. We provide consulting to link the company’s aspirations with the visions of individuals, and provide practical and effective solutions such as Edutainment programs (experience-based training).

In Entry Management, we seek to create “Motivation Companies.” We provide solutions for diagnosis, transformation and implementation to help companies enhance their employment brand and achieve the best match between company and individual in situations such as recruiting of new graduates and mid-career employees.

With our proven techniques for realizing “Motivation Companies” that make employee motivation a growth engine, we provide our clients with one-stop support for real organizational transformation.