Motivation Engineering Institute

Motivation Engineering Institute

Message from the Director

We want to contribute to solving social issues by creating unique management techniques, products and services based on the theme of motivation.

The Motivation Engineering Institute is an organization that constantly evolves Motivation Engineering – the Link and Motivation Group’s proprietary technology that integrates academic findings from fields such as business administration, social systems theory, behavioral economics and psychology with practical management consulting knowledge – to develop management technologies as well as products and services.

We insist on practicality over abstract thinking, and reproducibility over intuition, grit and experience. We act from the standpoint of “practitioners” who deal with our own organization’s management and the problems at client sites every day.

Based on the perspective of humans as emotional beings with limits to their rationality, and the perspective of organizations as cooperative systems that are not reducible to their constituent elements, we want to spread messages that have the ability to transform conventional notions and produce waves of change throughout the world.

What We Do

Survey Research

Based on our extensive database we publicize various research findings. For example, joint research on engagement and business performance with the Iwamoto Laboratory at Keio Business School demonstrated a positive correlation between Engagement Score (Level of mutual understanding, empathy and commitment between companies and employees) and operating profit margin.

Relationship between ES and Operating Profit Margin

Relationship between ES and Operating Profit Margin

Additional Information on Survey Research Data

Analysis method: Correlation between ES and operating profit margin

Survey subjects: Companies implementing the Employee Engagement Survey that are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and publicly disclose a securities report.

Number of companies surveyed: 66

Product Development

We provide support for the development of new products and services. Our focus is on the development of unique solutions based on Motivation Engineering, the Group’s core technology. We apply new products and services inside the Group first to test their effectiveness, and only those that display both practicality and reproducibility are provided to customers.

Spreading Awareness of Motivation Manager Qualification

Established by Link and Motivation and Sanko Gakuen, the Motivation Management Association operates an accreditation program that objectively recognizes the ability to manage motivation. Thousands of people have received this qualification that certifies their ability to manage both their own motivation and that of others.

Qualification Basic Advanced Professional
Main target segments ■Businesspersons
■Job-seeking university students
■Organization managers
■Project managers
Content ■Learn theory and practical skills related to motivation in general, with an emphasis on managing one’s own motivation
■Focus on theory
■Learn theory and practical skills, with an emphasis on managing the motivation of others
■Focus on practical skills
■Learn theory and practical skills, with an emphasis on Motivation Management of organizations