Engagement Management

The Link and Motivation Group’s Approach to Management

Employee Motivation Is the Very Engine of Corporate Growth

Improving employee engagement drives corporate competitiveness

In this age of corporate management, the driver of corporate competitiveness is not just whether a company is able to win out in the product market, but also whether it can win out in the labor market.

For many companies, “work style reform” means eliminating excessive working hours. However, doing just that can be at the cost of competitiveness. The true goal of work style reform is to increase productivity. Improving employee engagements instrumental in increasing productivity.

When employee engagement is high, both the company and employee achieve a state of “One for All, All for One,” where the employee’s needs are satisfied and the company’s performance is maximized. Since its founding, the Link and Motivation Group has held that improving employee engagement is the driver of corporate competitiveness. We have continued to invest in infrastructure and initiatives, including investments in communication.

PDCA Cycle for Managing Engagement

Engagement management is based on the idea that improving employee engagement is the driver of corporate competitiveness. Management requires a yardstick for measuring engagement. No matter the investment or measures implemented, without a yardstick, outcomes cannot be objectively determined.

Engagement Score (ES) is an indicator developed by the Link and Motivation Group for this purpose. As with other management indicators, such as balance sheet items or the income statement, we position ES as a key performance indicator and manage it through a Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) cycle.

To measure ES, the Link and Motivation Group has introduced Motivation Cloud throughout the Group. Motivation Cloud is a cloud-based service for organizations that enables measurement and tracking of ES, and supports actions for improvement. Companies that regularly conduct the survey have been shown to have a higher ES, suggesting that a responsive organizational PDCA cycle may be instrumental in improving ES.

The Link and Motivation Group, in aiming to maintain an AAA rating for all companies and organizational units, operates on the basis of a half-yearly PDCA cycle (February/August) that regularly monitors and quantifies the status of each organization, formulates and executes action plans, and confirms progress.