Business and Other Risks

The paragraphs below describe the items believed to be potential risk factors in the Link and Motivation Group's business operations. From the standpoint of proactive information disclosure, this section also includes items considered to be significant in the investment decisions of investors, even though they are not necessarily considered business risks. The Group is aware of the possibility of these risk factors materializing, and makes efforts to prevent their occurrence and to respond in the event that they do occur. However, investment decisions with respect to the stock of Link and Motivation Inc. ("the Company") should be made after careful judgment that also takes into account factors other than those described herein. Forward-looking statements contained in this text are based on the judgment of the Group's management as of December 31, 2011.

1. Occurrence of Personal Information Leaks, etc.

Due to the nature of its corporate transformation consulting, the Group handles a large amount of personal information of clients, and conducts its motivation consulting business based on this information. In regard to the handling of personal information, the Personal Information Protection Act was promulgated and put into effect in May 2003, followed by full enforcement in April 2005. This necessitates even greater attention to handling of personal information. Link and Motivation Inc. obtained the Privacy Mark in February 2005, and, in response to an audit for Privacy Mark renewal conducted in November 2006, has established internal company rules for handling personal information, conducted regular in-house training, strengthened information management, and paid due attention to strengthening information management and handling of personal information. However, in the event that unforeseen circumstances cause personal information to be leaked to external parties, and this causes damage to the owner of the personal information, client companies or others, the resulting damage claims and loss of public trust could impact the Group's business results and financial condition.

2. Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights

In consulting, the business of the Group, securing copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights is critical for conducting business. The Group makes efforts to protect and preserve its proprietary techniques, knowledge and know-how, which are developed internally as much as possible through acquisition of trademarks, specification of copyrights and establishment and maintenance of original brands. However, in the event that the Group's services are imitated by a malicious third party, this could interfere with the Group's sales efforts, which could potentially impact business results and financial condition.

3. Reliance on a Specific Individual

Yoshihisa Ozasa, the representative director of the Company, is the Company's founder and has served as representative director since the Company was established. By hiring and training excellent personnel and promoting standardization of services, the Company is building a systematic business management structure that is not dependent upon the skills of a single individual. However, at present, Mr. Ozasa plays an important role in terms of the Group's overall brand formation. In this aspect as well, the Group is building a stronger organization that can realize systematic brand formation. However, if for any reason it becomes difficult for Mr. Ozasa to continue his work for the Company, this could have an impact on the Company's business promotion and other aspects of operations.