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Corporations are leaving the most important management issue till last

Roughly 20 years ago, despite the importance of “motivation” in corporate management, there were no consulting companies working to shine light on the issue. Taking “motivation” as the basis for the company name, it was then that I resolved to establish Link and Motivation, which set out with the message that motivation will be the most important issue in corporate management in the coming age.

Improving employee engagement is the driver of corporate competitiveness

Two decades have passed since our foundation, and I get the sense that “work style reform” is providing an impetus for business. To some people, work style reform might suggest the issue of eliminating excessive working hours, but to Link and Motivation, the goal is improving productivity. Improving the alignment between a company and its employees, in other words the level of employee engagement, is key to building motivation. Moreover, academic findings have shown that greater employee engagement contributes to a higher operating profit margin. The theme we have pursued from our founding is at last gaining society’s attention.

Toward accelerated growth

Our fields of business began with the organizational development consulting business for corporate clients. Since then, we have diversified into the fields of individual development, and matching services that link organizations and individuals. We see ourselves as the organizational development department and the human resource development department of Japan Inc. Seeking to increase the number of organizations where employee motivation is the engine of growth and the number of individuals that independently and autonomously develop their careers, our mission is to transform organizations and individuals.

We want investors to empathize with this mission and to support our growth over the long term. As the manager of a listed company, I am committed to generating further growth, ensuring returns to shareholders, and building a lasting relationship through communication.
Look forward to continued growth from Link and Motivation.

Ozasa Yoshihisa
Chairman and Representative Director
Link and Motivation Inc.

Management Policies and Strategies