Through Motivation Engineering,
we provide opportunities to transform organizations and individuals
and create a more meaningful society.

We have set forth a mission of supporting transformation to realize our customers’ wishes and resolve their problems, and of providing opportunities to do so. We will achieve this by steadily evolving Motivation Engineering, our core technology.

Through implementation of our mission, we want to create a world in which organizations and individuals use their dreams and sense of purpose to draw forth deeper meaning from society.

The LM Style

The LM Style sets out the approach and code of behavior expected of all employees. Motivation Engineering, our core technology, incorporates the concepts of practicality and reproducibility. It also mandates that individual employees gather, combine and develop wide-ranging skills as professionals working together to promote Motivation Engineering and create value for society. To that end, all employees share the following five items of the LM Style.

1. Be a first-class motivation engineer!

Motivation Engineering gives us our edge. Continue to regularly improve this technology.

2. Do your best to transform our customers!

Our customers decide our value. Do your best to realize our customers’ wishes and to resolve their problems.

3. Display doctorship!

We are a group of technical experts with objectivity and specialized skills. Face our customers with pride.

4. Create the value of speed!

We believe that time is the source of value. Achieve speed that exceeds customers’ expectations.

5. Achieve impressive quality!

We do not compromise on quality. Aim for quality that leaves a deep impression on customers.

Corporate Slogan

Hitori Hitori no Honki ga Kono Sekai wo Atsukusuru – Individual Passion Inspires the World –

“Individual Passion Inspires the World”

This corporate slogan encapsulates our ideas and philosophy.

We believe it is important for organizations to strive to be “One for All, All for One.” This idea is expressed by juxtaposing the words hitori hitori (individual) and sekai (the world).

The word honki (passion), which suggests sparking enthusiasm in people, is used to express the “motivation” in our company name.
Finally, atsukusuru (inspires) expresses a situation in which society and the world are vitalized when individuals with passion pool their efforts together.

Company Name

Link and Motivation.

“Motivation” is the core theme of our business, and we “link” individual motivation to overall organizational strategies, hence our company name: “Link and Motivation.”


LM stands for Link and Motivation. Each line that makes up the L and M is out of alignment and has no meaning on its own, but as a whole, they clearly form an L and an M. The lines represent individuals and LM represents the whole (i.e. the organization), thereby expressing the “One for All, All for One” concept.