Our Philosophy


Through Motivation Engineering, we provide opportunities to transform organizations and individuals and create a more meaningful society.

We have set forth a mission of supporting transformation to realize our customers’ wishes and resolve their problems, and of providing opportunities to do so. We will achieve this by steadily evolving Motivation Engineering, our core technology.

Through implementation of this mission, we want to create a situation in which organizations and individuals use their dreams and sense of purpose to draw forth deeper meaning from society.

Our Three Management Goals

Goal 1: Management with Integrity

We define “Management with Integrity” as management without the slightest bit of illegality or dishonesty toward any of its stakeholders, who include customers, business partners, employees and shareholders. Given that we advocate using employee motivation as a growth engine, we aim for management that consistently earns the sympathy and trust of stakeholders.

Goal 2: Management in Which Every Employee Plays a Leading Role

We believe that human resources are a company’s biggest and strongest asset. Amid the accelerated shift to an intangible economy in Japan, we are now in an era in which intangible skills such as the ideas, motivation and hospitality of employees will determine a company’s destiny. At our company, too, as human resources become more diverse, we are increasing the diversity of our own workforce. We are prioritizing wellness management to promote management that empowers every employee to play a leading role.

Goal 3: Management with Good Reflexes

With the accelerating pace of changes in the operating environment, this is an era in which once-successful business models and hit products become obsolete or are copied in an instant. To survive, a company needs the ability to adapt to its environment. When it becomes aware of changes in the market or relevant laws, it must make swift decisions and then make its own changes in areas such as the message it spreads to society, its products and its work processes – in other words, it must have “Management with Good Reflexes.”

Corporate Slogan

One by One, Enthusiasm Moves the World

This corporate slogan encapsulates our thinking and philosophy. We believe it is important for organizations to strive to be “One for All, All for One.” This idea is expressed by opposing the words “one by one” and “the world.”

We also expressed the “motivation” in our company name with the word “enthusiasm,” which suggests sparking passion in people.

Finally, the phrase “moves the world” expresses a situation in which society and the world are vitalized when individuals with enthusiasm pool their efforts together.

Yoshihisa Ozasa  Chairman and Representative Director

Yoshihisa Ozasa
Chairman and Representative Director