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Privacy Policy

Link and Motivation Inc. ("LMI" or "the Company") provides consulting that transforms business organizations into highly competitive entities using original "motivation engineering" techniques (diagnostic and transformational engineering) that measure the motivation of current and prospective employees and customers, identify hidden organization issues and increase employee drive through edutainment and other programs.

The use of motivation engineering is not limited to business organizations. LMI is currently broadening the scope of application for its diagnostic and transformational techniques to encompass various domains. The Company provides educational support for individuals, including students and young adults, in order to transform their awareness and improve their skills. In addition, LMI provides motivational support for non-business organizations such as universities and sports teams.

In providing these services, LMI considers secure management of information resources, including personal information, a key issue. To address this issue, the officers and employees of LMI work to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately, pursuant to the privacy policy outlined below.

Privacy Policy

  1. LMI will strictly abide by Japanese laws, regulations and government policies concerning the handling of personal and employee information, including searchable databases of personal information which employers are legally obliged to disclose, amend, delete, refrain from using or refrain from disclosing to third parties at the individual's request. Moreover, the Company will establish and implement a JIS Q15001-compliant management system to protect personal information.
  2. LMI will specify the intended purpose of any personal information it acquires, and will not acquire or use information in any way or form other than within the bounds required to achieve the intended purpose. Furthermore, LMI will establish measures to ensure that personal information is not used except for the intended purpose.
  3. LMI will acquire personal information in a legitimate and fair manner.
  4. LMI will not disclose any personal information to third parties unless it has obtained the consent of the individual concerned or it is legally obliged to do so.
  5. LMI will ensure that whenever personal information is obtained, used or provided, the individual concerned is appropriately involved. Furthermore, LMI will promptly confirm with the responsible parties when complaints or questions regarding the handling of personal information are received, and will respond in good faith to such complaints and inquiries within a reasonable amount of time.
  6. LMI will take organizational, human, physical and technological measures to securely manage personal information, and will work diligently to prevent and counteract any leakage, loss or damage of such information.
  7. LMI will regularly review the system established to protect personal information to ensure it is being consistently implemented.

Enacted April 1, 2004
Revised August 1, 2006
Yoshihisa Ozasa, President and Representative Director
Link and Motivation Inc.

Handling of Personal Information

1. Intended Purposes for Using Personal Information

LMI uses personal information for the following tasks within the scope required to achieve the intended purposes listed below.

1. Tasks
  1. Tasks related to business administration
  2. Tasks related to sports organizations
  3. Tasks related to educational institutions
  4. Tasks related to supporting the creation of "places"
  5. Tasks related to corporate membership organizations
  6. Tasks related to individual career support
  7. Tasks related to supporting brand creation
2. Intended Purposes
  1. To smoothly execute personal information processing that has been fully or partially commissioned to LMI by third parties
  2. Activities related to sports organizations
  3. To conduct questionnaires related to LMI-run seminars and other events
  4. To select new LMI employee candidates
  5. To manage assigned personnel

2. Procedures for Disclosure, Amendment, Etc.

LMI accepts requests from individuals to disclose their personal information, inform them of its intended purpose, amend incorrect personal information in searchable databases, discontinue use of such personal information and discontinue providing such information to third parties.

Please contact the help desk notes below for information on how to file such requests.

3. Questions and Complaints Regarding LMI's Handling of Personal Information

Please contact the help desk noted below if you have any questions or complaints regarding LMI's handling of personal information.

Personal Information Protection Manager
Link and Motivation Inc.

Questions and Complaints Regarding LMI's Privacy Policy

Please contact the help desk noted below if you have any questions or complaints regarding LMI's privacy policy.

Customer Help Desk
Corporate Design Division
Link and Motivation Inc.
Ginza Omi Building, 3-7-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

LMI is a member of the following legally sanctioned personal information protection organization, which will accept complaints and questions regarding LMI's handling of personal information.

Personal Information Protection Complaint and Inquiry Desk
Privacy Mark Promotion Center
Japan Information Processing Development Corporation

Toll-free (within Japan only): 0120-700-779
International calls: +81-3-5776-1379

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