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To Our Shareholders and Investors

To Our Shareholders and Investors

Building the World's First Business Model for Commercializing Motivation

Link and Motivation Inc. was founded in April 2000 as the world's first management consulting firm focusing on motivation. The Company has since achieved six straight years of sales and profit growth, and on December 17, 2007, its shares were listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

People have long known that motivation is important, yet it was not considered a viable target of consulting because of its intangible, qualitative nature. Using original diagnostic techniques, Link and Motivation succeeded in visually representing and quantifying motivation. We then created our core technology, which we call "motivation engineering," to offer solutions for transformation.

After the collapse of the economic bubble in Japan, the relationship between companies and individuals began to change. The factors influencing individual job satisfaction became more diverse and complex, and the inability of many companies to respond to this trend led to a so-called "motivation crisis." In this changing environment, Link and Motivation developed its business in three areas - motivation management (organizational strategy), entry management (recruiting strategy) and place management (place strategy) - by using motivation engineering to help companies build relationships with employees and job applicants.

In the course of its growth and expansion, the Company has developed four key strengths:

  1. Technologies that create a high entry barrier
    Established technologies to visually represent and quantify motivation and a vast database related to motivation among Japanese

  2. Products that eliminate subjectivity
    Created a high-revenue business model centered on database diagnosis and packaged products that eliminate subjectivity

  3. Sales that support growth
    Developed diverse sales channels and an excellent customer base with a high rate of repeat business

  4. Outstanding human resources that overwhelm the competition
    Achieved high productivity due to enhancement of HR expertise that allows us to hire outstanding people and quickly develop their strategic value

Our Second Stage: From Organizational Transformation to Corporate Transformation Consulting

In January 2007, we launched our brand management (brand strategy) business to build on our existing businesses. While existing businesses promote internal organizational change focusing on employees and job applicants, the brand strategy business seeks to motivate outside stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and other investors. By applying motivation engineering to management of companies' various stakeholders, we will broaden the scope of our business from organizational transformation consulting to include corporate transformation consulting, and create a base for offering one-stop support for corporate transformation.


Energizing Society by Creating a Motivation Industry

As a public company, we are taking steps to enhance our corporate governance. We understand that fulfilling our social responsibility is critical to gaining the trust of stakeholders, and we intend to proactively disclose information to shareholders and investors. In addition to raising the level of disclosure and releasing monthly financial data, we will also measure and disclose the motivational levels in our own company. Through these efforts, we hope to establish Link and Motivation as a model for newly listed Japanese companies.

Our goal is not simply business growth.

Safety, which was once assumed to be free, became established as an industry. Likewise, we want to contribute to energizing society by shaping an age in which investing in motivation, a higher-level need, becomes common practice.

On behalf of the entire Link and Motivation management team, I sincerely thank our shareholders and investors for their continuing support as we work to achieve our vision.

Yoshihisa Ozasa
President and Representative Director
Link and Motivation Inc.

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