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Corporate Governance Policies

Fundamental Stance Regarding Corporate Governance

The corporate philosophy of Link and Motivation Inc. since its establishment has been to realize a society full of various values by providing organizations and individuals the opportunity to change through its "motivation-engineering" activities. The execution of these policies requires a sound relationship with all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, business partners, the community and employees. The Company takes a long-term perspective in formulating medium-to-long-term plans and annual plans that are the basis for management initiatives to increase the value of the Link and Motivation Group.

The Board of Directors is vested with ultimate authority for fundamental management policies and high-priority tasks as well as decisions regarding key legally mandated issues. In principle, it meets once a month. A Group Management Committee consisting of directors, division general managers and other parties also meets twice each month in principle to enable swift decision-making and flexible organizational responsiveness.

In addition, statutory auditors attend meetings of the Board of Directors and Group Management Committee meetings to enable supervision of business execution, adherence to compliance and internal company policies, and the propriety and effectiveness of business activities. This allows auditors to successively confirm issues such as the proceedings and procedures of these meetings. Moreover, internal auditors conduct internal audits and periodically report the results of audits to the president.

Link and Motivation discloses information pursuant to the Company Law and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law. As a listed company, Link and Motivation also fulfills its duty to provide information based on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's regulations on the timely disclosure of company information by issuers of listed securities. Moreover, Link and Motivation considers investor relations programs geared toward constituencies including shareholders, institutional investors, individual investors and customers to be an important corporate responsibility. Link and Motivation employs generally accepted accounting principles and proactively incorporates the advice of its independent accountant and other expert parties. In addition to systematic disclosure, Link and Motivation also emphasizes voluntary disclosure of information on risk and other issues. Link and Motivation aggressively discloses information in the interest of transparency, speed and sustainability.

Corporate Governance System

Issues including Link and Motivation's management institutions, internal control system, risk management system and director compensation

IR Policies

Link and Motivation's fundamental policies covering the disclosure of information and investor relations (IR) activities

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